Cell Phones Not As Safe As We Think

I am writing this post to inform those individuals who need to know this–and that includes absolutely every living thing on the planet–that research is mounting telling us that we need to be cautious of our exposures to wireless radiation. We must not assume that we are safe because the product is available to us. Remember that cigarettes were available to us. Asbestos was put in schools. Doctors smoked in their offices and in hospital rooms too. Moms were prescribed Thalidomide. We are slowly realizing all the damage that has been done to us and continues to be done to us from “legal” and “safe” products. To hammer this home simply look at all the law suits against drugs that were once touted as perfectly safe Vioxx has reportedly killed over 60,000 people. It was “tested” and deemed safe). Now you vaccination is causing immune issues and your acid reflux medicine might be causing dementia.

Martin Cooper who was a scientists working for Motorola made the first successful cell phone call in 1973 using a portable handset. In 1979 trials of this product began and in 1987 an explosion had occurred. An explosion of usage that has not slowed since. The penetration of this product is like none other in the history of man. We have more subscriptions for wireless phones than we have people on the planet.

All this exposure is causing damage to life as we know it. The Department of Interior has written our own FCC to tell them they must reassess exposure levels as current levels are adversely affecting trees, plants, fish, frogs, birds, bees and any other living thing you can think of. If that is happening to our environment–what is happening to us?

Well, some would say nothing! Most of those reports come directly from the wireless industry OR the research THEY fund. There is a huge industry bias . About 75% of the research NOT funded by the industry finds serious affects from this kind of exposure. However, interestingly enough–the industry funded research finds about 75% that there is NO concern or worry. Reminds me of the tobacco industry, asbestos industry, lead, mercury…

In  2011 IARC classification of cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen was based on the limited evidence from human studies and limited evidence from animal studies. The WHO (World Health Organization) made exposures like that from smart phones and other wireless devices such as ipads, tablets, cordless phones, and wifi a class 2b possible carcinogen. BUT the group of scientists most known for working in the non ionizing area or research are asking that that classification be revised given the newest research being unveiled. These scientists are asking for this classification to be upgraded to ‘probable’ carcinogen or carcinogen

A quote from Microwave News  says that of the recent research studies causing most interest and concern is the  National Toxicology Program study that has been released. This study has such profound impact that they released this portion of the study early because of its significance and importance. The study shows that cell phone radiation exposure is associated with tumors of the brain and heart. The brain tumors are the most aggressive kind of cancer. The fact that even if a small percentage are affected–given the number of users–it will still be a significant amount. 

“Importantly, the exposed rats were found to have higher rates of two types of cancers: glioma, a tumor of the glial cells in the brain, and malignant schwannoma of the heart, a very rare tumor. None of the unexposed control rats developed either type of tumor.

A number of epidemiological studies have linked cell phones to both gliomas and to Schwann cell tumors. The Interphone study, for instance, found an association between the use of cell phones and gliomas.” Other studies have had similar findings  Epidemiological studies have found an increase in these same types of cancers. Coincidence? Not likely. So we have studies showing how cell phone radiation breaks the blood brain barrier, is neurotoxic and genotoxic. It actually damages DNA similarly to how X Rays damage it. It has been shown that it damages sperm, fertility, immune function, thinking and memory, alters protein production in the brain and a vast host of other problems.

Any doubts as to whether this is safe should be shelved at this time and the precautionary principle should be instituted. When dose response is established and numerous studies have been replicated, it’s time to take action.

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