img_3089Fall…it came before I had a chance to say good bye to summer
The pumpkins carved for Halloween have morphed into monsters–all black and compressed
The leaves and flowers that existed against the lovely summer backdrop have drooped as if they have been forced to tragically give up their majesty and beauty
No more warmth of the summer sun in which to bathe
They pitifully struggle against the encroaching crisp air
Clearly no hope for survival
They started as seeds set so lovingly in the soil.
At first, it seems as if they are being ruined
The seed broken
Then bursting forth and completely changing and transforming
Into something it never could have become without first the destruction of the self
First a tiny sign of life then a leaf or a stem
And in the splendor of the summer breeze, a flower
Bearing no resemblance to that seed first put into the ground
It’s very existence dependent upon something that is consumed in the process
The seed having given itself over completely to the plant which bears the amazing flower.
The undeniable transformation set against a crisp blue summer sky
Bears all the signs of never ending growth and development
The seed consumed to make the plant, the plant consumed to make the flower and the flower finally consumed to produce the seed again
Seasons change and the circle must start anew
The seed has brought forth a flower which in turn brings forth a seed
And so ends this part of the cycle
The seed must then go forth
In its own time…
And bloom

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